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  • Bogey Bogey Mar 25, 2013 1:42 AM Flag

    Smoke will never change,it's always

    You need some spelling lessons b4 you can take part in conversation...C'mon mikey...Btw who is hoey & triple whopper?? Are you in the right forum?

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    • ok first of all joey boy is hoey and triple whopper is tony and if you no your nascar u would know tony was a spokesman for subway for a very short time...... oh yeah how many race wins does joey boy have, oh wait how many championships....wait a minute... i don't even know why im defending triple whopper we all no tony would slap joey back to isle 5 at home depot lol......

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      • Mike I think you would be at odds with the board on this issue.. We all feel Triple Whopper let the diet he is on (if he's not he needs to be) get the better of his judgement... See Tony Stewpid kind of is an originator of the chop block technique.. So Maybe he just found it insulting to be on the opposite side of that move... Any way Joey was racing, that is what is funny, most hate him for not racing and when he does he's an idiot... LoL. I never liked Joey but I do like he is actually driving and keeping his car up front, hell he even finished the race after everything... Maybe Brad was right about him... I'm a brad fan, but even I was left scratching my head when it came out Kes pushed to get Long gone oh... Hell maybe this is a look at the new Penske... Lets hope he has a good showing real soon with no incidents... Time for him to show us what he is made of... With all the camera's pointing at him now we will find out if he is manning up or still just a little boy...


      • Hey Mike....how many Cup wins did "Chubby Stewart" have at age 20?....(less than Joey "Mr. Blocker" Lagono)....oh, and how many Cup Championships did Chubby have at age 20?....(none)....you sound like a man with a "cellophane duty hole"!!....at age 20, Chubby was still getting his rear packed by the men at the YMCA....Mojo

      • All of which has nothing to do with the subject at hand.


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