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    Air-lifted due to traffic -

    Initial reports very responsibly explained that Denny seemed to be okay, but had a history of back problems, and he was being air-lifted by helicopter to a hospital for observation ONLY due to post-race traffic being so heavy.

    However, the media LOVES the drama of a racer being "airlifted by helicopter" to a hospital, so after the initial report, decided not to include that it was due to wishing to avoid the stop&go of post-race traffic.

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    • No it was not life threatening, but it very well could be serious. His actions after he got out of the car is what leads me to believe he will have some down time.. Every story I have read said it was non life threatening, and to avoid the traffic. He still did not stand straight up and was hauled off with the board. The drivers don't even let them bring them out half the time. This wreck was different then most...


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      • Yeah, he went down fast and almost hard.

        And, Joey did not know that when he made his remarks. It could be a simple bell-ringing, it could be serious, we shall see.

        Whatever, he may think twice now before being such a punk to anyone else in race-car.

        MoToR - you know I was once a Denny supporter - but this time, I am just - he asked for it he got it - (aren't I supposed to finsih that with "Toyota"? kinda like an amen,. LOL...)


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