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  • whoever put hamlin out for season is an #$%$!lagano should be out for season is not indefinitely...i dont know what happened to his attitude im sure itsgonnabe blamed onbradbut brad has turned himelfaround...theyshouldhave let tony and denny kick his #$%$...martinsville will be awesome...but im sure nascare will tell them to leave boy blunder alone..use to be a lagano fan but i just took down all my collectables ofmrslagano......hes gonnaget his...when he said denny got what he deserved....i bet nascar doesnt fine the boy blunder

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    • 1st off, Denny has never been a nice guy on the track. Second Liitle Roo didn't do anything that Dummy would not have done to him... Was Joey right? I don't think so but, this is nothing compared to Carl and Kes... Nothing was ever more blatant than that. Joey was racing for a win.. Shhhhhh it happens....

      I hope Denny is alright but his style got him where he is. Besides, maybe he will have surgery tomorrow and then he will go on a terror winning again. LoL. Maybe Denny needed this to happen to get him on a operating table so he can drive again..



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