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    Dummy Vs Little Roo

    Where do you stand on this issue?

    I have never been a fan of Joey.. Everyone knows that by now.. I've called him toast, since they called him sliced bread. I call him little roo Because he goes by Joey.. I found respect For Hamlin speaking up when he did and refusing to pay the fine. Forcing them to take it from him. (steal it)

    Denny has always been over aggressive in his style and He was schooled By Kes and I am willing to bet Brad is not letting up about what Joey needed to do to Denny... I can hear him now, "Don't let that hot head get over on you like that." Ever since Denny spun Joey, Little Roo has stepped his game up.. I personally never thought Joey had it in him to be this aggressive... If he had done that at JGR he would still be in that car.

    I do believe Joey purposely didn't lift when inside Denny. I think it was one of those "If I can't win neither will you" deals.. Joey may have gone too far with this, After all last week Denny did apologize right after it happen... I think Joey just took one shot too many from Denny and said enough is enough.

    I also think Denny's retaliation for Joey getting into him Cost him the Car. Once again he got himself in trouble trying to retaliate. He let his hot head cloud his judgement. I though Denny might be past that, but he is not.. If he would have thought about keeping his car straight instead of returning the favor to joey he might have still won, he at least would have finished..

    In short 2 wrongs made some righteous racing... LoL.

    I know I don't like Denny but I hope for Racing sake he is alright, and was just acting like he was seriously hurt, going to the ground. I can understand them air lifting him out because of traffic, I also know they wanted x-rays. Though not life threatening a compression fracture could end his year real quick. Putting him out of the car for up to 6 weeks. The spine is not an area I think Nascar will take chances with drivers. A leg, an arm, even a rib is fine to drive, but your back it too important to risk serious injury...


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