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  • MoToR MoToR Mar 24, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    Hamlin out for season

    Made you look.. LoL.

    I'm thinking he suffered a back or neck injury that is going to require he stay calm in this off week.. If this was any other week he may be missing a race.. He still may.. Not many times do we see them break out the back board.. He went right down after he got out.. I'm guessing a compression fracture in a vertebrae..


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    • I've gotta to stop messing around. Things I type come true... It's not for sure, but it sure sounds like I was on the cutting edge with this post...

      I'm going to win the lottery, I'm going to win the lottery, I'm going to win the lottery...

      Now I just need to start playing. LoL.

      Tough break for Denny, I never wanted it to have an out come like this.. Get well Denny..


    • hey "MOTOR" nice to see u back i wanted the thank you for your advice on c drivers last year helped win my leauge championship bye 22 points CHECKERS OR WRECKERS raceing thanks you for you support lol...............

    • its looking like a major back injury,he was airlifted to hospitol and his girlfriend says it was his back.

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      • i copied this from an article i just read. "Updates from Joe Gibbs Racing and Hamlin’s girlfriend have said that the NASCAR driver was airlifted to the hospital for tests. Hamlin is apparently suffering from extreme back pain, though he is awake and alert."

        Not good signs for Denny...


      • That has been what I suspected all along. I've had a compression fracture that was cause from landing like Denny's car landed. That is a heavy blow to the back. As the car hits and springs up your body is still in downward momentum and the weight of your body coming down with the car's G's pulling you down as the car reverses it momentum as it bounces and comes back up, makes for a serious impact on the middle and lower back..


    • Yeah, the medics were signalling at the neck when they called for the stretcher.

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      • That was very observant of you, Randomness. It always amazes how a race fan from another continent has made some of the most incisive remakes out here! And it is great to see you - I feared after you graduated uni you might leave us in the dust! (You graduated last year, right?)

        Well, Denny has a bad back - and, it was made clear that the reason he was air-lifted was not the seriousness of his condition, but the seriousness of the post-race traffic - that is was just to transport him there without having to to navigate the stop&go.

        But of course, the news media loves the drama of "air-lifted by helicopter", so even tho' initial reports made it clear that was just traffic-related, no media which picked up the reports cared to tack that on.....

    • Moronic title to this thread.

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      • Hey KINIK,

        The latest 24hrs later...

        While it's too early to forecast any kind of prognosis for Hamlin, if he were to miss even one race his championship hopes would take a severe hit. In order for him to get into the Chase on a wild card, he'd need to be in the top 20 in points by the end of the 26th race and win enough races to outdistance the other nine drivers from positions 11-20. After 25 races last year, the distance from first to 20th place was 270 points; in 2011 it was 216 points. Hamlin is already 54 points back, and would need to win at least two to three races this season.
        However, a single season isn't the issue here. Hamlin is one of the best drivers in NASCAR, and his long-term health is of paramount concern to Joe Gibbs Racing. The team could be forced to sacrifice this season for Hamlin to remain a viable NASCAR driver for the next two decades.

        One of these days I'm going to learn to watch what I post on here....


      • Still made you look... So I would say it is a pretty good title...