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    Off Topic - Listening to music evolve

    If you want to have some fun, listen to "The Train Wreck of Ol' 97" is it is done on the tribute to Johnny Cash Album, "We Walk he Line", by Johnson & Blake - totally kicks it, one of the most spirited and well-done musical renditions ever - then go to youtube and listen to the original recording from 1924, by Vernon Dalhart.......

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    • definitely gonna check that out joanie

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      • You will like it Eazor - I Guar-Un-tee - in truth, i was thinking of you when I posted it - the version off the "We Walk the Line" album will knock your socks off - it's greatness and great fun!

        You know, the story behind that song is real - google "train wreck of 97" and read about it if you don't know - the first time I heard that song, I thought it was just being funny, like parodying all the classic Train Songs, with the "scalded to death by the steam" and last verse about about "never speak harsh words to your true lovin' sweetheart" - but it is one of the originals!

    • I've heard both. Good music. I did a sideman job with a band that did it. Fun to play.

      We missed you in chat today. We'll be there for all Cup track time tomorrow.

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      • Thanks, Raceboy!

        I forgot to mention, I am on the road again this week, doing The Great Lakes route - still tricky in March with sporadic snowstorms, and wearing me out a bit. I should be home Saturday night, and joining our crew for all the fun Sunday!

        You know the people who did the version on the *We Walk the Line* album?????!!!!!!!! I hate to admit that I've never heard of them, but that is one of the best, tightest song renditions I've EVER heard - the bass and drum are as important as every instrument - the bass even carries the tune sometimes - and the pickin & honky-tonk piano and steel guitar - just one of the best, tightest, most fun musical renditions I've ever heard - the vocals are out-standing - it is all totally out-standing.....it doesn't get any tighter and more well-done than that! I listened to it about 10 times in a row, just in awe of of how out-standing it was.


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