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  • Benny Benny Mar 23, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    Clint fights Motorcycle company -

    Hey Da Goat, I'm a fun-loving Nascar fan. But you probably already knew that. Wasn't it you and me that were going to meet in the bottom of the Grand Canyon and sit in the back or a 2-ton U-Haul filled with grog and party snacks as the world came to an end?

    I, for one, miss your presence out here. I hope you will come out more often.

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    • I forgot the strippers that were going to be in that large U-Haul. Yahoooeee! lol

    • YESSIR!!! We made plans for the end of the world, Benny... What happened to that? LOL!

      There are those here who would love to run off anybody viewed as a threat to their intelligence, so just like our buddy and brilliant minded counterpart Roushkateers...I will just pop in from time to time and giggle at the arrogance. I cannot handle much of the shear stupidity of some folks out here. Man, I would love to come out more often, talk NASCAR, and NOT just be part of the conversation... But ya can't fix stupid.

      I have probably forgotten more about stock car fabrication, race strategy, and the basic inner workings of NASCAR than most of the mudslingers out here will ever know...but, I'm just ignorant like that.

      Maybe, just maybe... If when they are being cowardly behind their monitor, people would shut them down when they got out of line...maybe...some people who actually know something on the subject would clue others in on what's really going on. Otherwise the big talk out here will continue to be half baked accusations of court proceedings, mindless ramblings from the peanut gallery, and whatever Mark Garrow thinks he knows today.

      Good to hear from you though my brother... I have always considered you as a buddy, not always agreed on your take, but have always enjoyed your insight.


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