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  • Mojo Mojo Mar 16, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

    Dylan Kwasniewski WINS K & N East Series opener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After winning the season championship in the K & N West Series in 2012, Dylan K won the season opening K & N East series race today, at the same track that fellow Vegas driver Kyle Busch won the NW race today!!!!!!!!......WATCH THIS NEXT "WIZZ KID".....Mojo "Vegas Baby" Workin

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    • Of course there are a lot of good young drivers in the K&N Series now - one who's sorta "under the radar" and of course a longshot what with so many others around, but who has impressed me is Brandon Gdovic - so take that for all it's worth :-)

      Cool thread btw :-D

    • Everybody knows I am a Kyle Busch "jocksniffer"....you might not know, that I have been following his career since he was 12 years old....I was obviously "right" on him...he has in fact "made it"....now, listen up when I tell you this Dylan Kwasniewski (who I am a big time jocksniffer of too) is going to "make it" too....I've tried to keep you folks abreast of his career on this MB, but I pretty much get no response....don't blame him for being from Vegas....and don't blame him for the fact that I am a jocksniffer of his....another poster "sang the praises" of Kyle Larson, and pretty much got no response either...FYI this is a racing MB...Dylan K and Kyle Larson are the future of our sport....how about some discussion on these two dynamic young drivers?....or ANY other drivers YOU might know of....I wanna hear*** more about Kyle Larson!...him being from back east, I don't hear a lot....from what I've seen on TV, he is a flat out "charger"!!!...Mojo "or should we talk about DoubleDongs?" Workin


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