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  • tombo tombo Mar 16, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    Kyle is the ***man

    yep kyle larson should have had his first win but like always a lame cup driver has to ruin it for them.this is the number 1 reason cup drivers should be limited to 5- 10 weak series races per season.every year now the cup drivers win all but 5 of them races.
    it throws their point system off too,if one driver finishes in 2nd and the next nw reg finishes 12th because of all the cup guys they still get 10 point difference.nascar needs,no has to look at this more.it has been a problem for years and is the reson them series struggle.you cant say cup guys help because they never tried it without them.
    give them rides to nw regs and make the cup guys drive the b,s, no sponsor#$%$ cars.make it fair atleast.
    there is no celebration as lame as the one for this situation.

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    • The last time I checked NCWTS AND NNS entries were open to ALL cup drivers. Kyle and Harvick put on a show and it should make the nns regs want to up their game.

    • I'm going to say this one more time Tombo....Nascar is about making money!!!!....W/O Kyle's weekly thrashing of all the other Cup regulars in NW....nobody watches!!!...including YOU....nobody watches = no sponsorship dollars!....got it!!!...if it was Dale Jr. doing the thrashing, all you all would be fine with it!!....I noticed today that Kyle pulled down Kevin's pants on national TV, and thoroughly spanked his rear, till it was beet red!!!....he showed him how to "short track Saturday night"!!!!!...all that was missing was the slap in the face!!!....Mojo

      PS: thanks Motor (a man).....Tombo (a welcher) you need to give "Kevin's Master" errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kyle his props!!!....

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      • now that kyle and the other lame cup drivers are running all the nw races i wont be watching them this year.i quit watching them a couple years ago when the cup guys won all but 3 races over a 3 season stretch.
        say what you want,it isnt kyle they come to see,BELIEVE me.
        i think more would come to see the nw series if there were less cup guys in it.that you can count on.
        we want to see drivers like larson get their first win not guys like kyle,kevin,martin, that have all advanced to nascars top level getting freshman level wins still.

    • I agree there should be limits... I also think they should keep Danica down there to make her draw of fans fill the stands... By the way they talk about her, she should be able to do that easy...


    • NASCAR could control this easily. Cup drivers have to put their names in a hat for lower series races they want to run. Limit each driver to a certain number of races total that they can enter. Then there is a draw for who gets to race at each event.

      Keeping the Cup drivers to about five per race would make it better. Run your five races and you're done.

      This also keeps the drivers from cherry picking the races they think they can win.

      A simple system that would work.

      NASCAR would never go for it until little Brian leaves office.


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