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  • EscapeVelocity EscapeVelocity Mar 10, 2013 7:39 PM Flag

    Danica fans

    She is my favorite driver.....to dream about naked.

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    • I think she'll end up with a fairly decent season. Ricky will probably beat her out for ROTY.
      She's still the best female racer to come along.
      AND it should be remembered that she's a rookie.
      She might never be a Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon or (name your favorite here), but I think that she'll retire with a respectable record if she isn't injured into early retirement. That's a distinct possibility as long as she has to race with guys that resent her being on the track in anything but PowderPuff Derbies.

      No shrinking violet here.

      And she looks better than ANY other driver out there right now.;)

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      • RB my thoughts exactly,she is not gonna be a Gordon (which everyone is comparing) but give her a break.She will have a good career at the end of the day.She sure won't be considered a a start & park,also ran or never was.I believe she can run in the top 10-15 Or better consistently when it's all said & done.OK. maybe Top 20 w/all the young bucks coming up these days.I/m done wit all this Danica.bye


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