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  • tom tom Mar 7, 2013 12:18 AM Flag

    Yahoo nascar fantasy

    Does anyone know about the starters and bench picks? Do you score bench points? I'm not understanding why there are bench drivers.

    Thanks for the input.

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    • As Bogey said..............your bench only receives qualifying points if they finish in the top 4....on race day, only your starters receive points.......you might want to click on the rules and read them, it's a pretty easy game to play and understand.

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      • you are all being so rude. what if a novice was to come on and seek how to score bench points in nascar? such as what tom asked you. it would be like me telling you how a trifecta in horse racing went. unless you knew about paramutual betting you would be kind of lost at how it goes. what is easy to you may not all the time be right up front easy to someone who is new to the sport. just saying...lol

    • Look #1 Read the rules...In a nutshell pick 8 drivers b4 qualifying deadline which is clearly outlined.All your drivers are eligible to score points for quals.Between quals & race time yahoo will have a deadline to pick 4 drivers for the race. Then pick the four drivers (1a driver,2b's & 1c driver)you want for the race.Your final score will reflect on how well those 4 drivers finish.The benched drivers receive no points for the race. Maybe that will help


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