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  • JimmyDaniska JimmyDaniska Mar 6, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    Yay..I am back from the dead???

    My old ID returns from last year??? Cmon dipshits...I can do better.

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    • Are you guys just looking for fun??? Simple fantasy game here. If it needs to go further, let me know.

    • Emi, you have to understand that Yahoo actually revoked peoples ID's last year for standing up for what was right and opposing wrong. So one day they had a fantasy ID and team and the next day they didn't. Imagine waking up and trying to access your yahoo account only to find out it doesn't exist anymore, your Yahoo account is gone, whether you play fantasy sports or not. And this in a free Country with the 1st amendment that protects the freedom of speech. Kind of like what Obumba is trying to do with the 2nd amendment.

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      • dont I know all about it dear john john which although not just a nascar problemo is a nation wide problem. this censorship of speech has just got to stop. you realize how many ids I have had pulled? all because why?

        because I say what I think be it politically incorrect. see many folks find me a kind of out of the box Christian in this I value freedom of speech upfront and most of all. if we are made to pay a price for our speech why then what kind of nation have we become? and dont get me started over the 2nd amendment on our board although it was a board titled 'Christianity' we discussed just about everything under the sun.

        I dont like moderated boards because then you have to ponder how to fit what you truly want to say into their lil frame they have allowed and that just places you into a sort of fake persona. you have to please somebody with the words you say?

        so I think yoohoo yahoo was under pressure to curtail the message boards by thinking they would "streamline" them into more narrow interests and have for years censored speech. a business decision? yea I am not so sure of that.

    • Generation 6 , the newest version is suppose to be the return to the good ole days you talk about. So far I say they failed miserably, again.

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      • There will never be "Stock Car" racing again because, as you hit it on the head, safety. The new Gen 6 is suppose to "look" like the cars you see on the showroom floor. But they have nothing else in common with them.

      • well I was posting to you about the old nascar I think being tons more fun back in the 1960s and 1970s. I dont think my post went thru but I was speaking about the cars back then rick white in his chevrolet and parnelli jones in his mercury at the 1965 Riverside stock car race. I mean to me anyway that was super duper fun the way they raced the actual cars ok modified but still. by todays standards it would never fly because of safety issues but its kind of sad we cannot have that free spirit as it was back then.

    • well goody for you cause I havent seen a more dead nascar board than this one. surely you can get a lil more reved up around here?

      now something id like to seriously know is why did nascar change the idea of car racing into clone cars? in the old days they actually raced real makes of cars like the gran torino or superbird remember those days or are you not as old as this old toots is?

    • Easter came early! You ARE God! It's a miracle LOL


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