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  • James James Mar 3, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    Deadline for Driver picks ridiculous!

    Why is the deadline for changing drivers set before practice and qualifying? There are many variables that influence picks. Crashes and mechanical failures during practice and qualifying all effect the performance and potential of the drivers. The deadline should be changed to green flag, or at least 1 hour before green flag.

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    • I guess I am a bit confused. On your Teams home tab you can see the next race on the right side of the screen. It said Fantasy deadline for Phoenix was March 1st at 4:00 a.m CST. I assumed that was for changing my original 8 drivers, thus my above post. After looking at the rules, which was vague to me, it only spoke about swapping Starters and Bench drivers. Now my question is this. Am I stuck with my original 8 Starter and Bench drivers forever, or can I change them? I know how to swap my current Starters and Bench, you just drag and release.

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      • You can pick ahead if you want. Research a little to get your drivers in line. Still would have to go back and check BEFORE the deadline. Lots of things can happen.. IE.. driver hurt, suspended, yada..yada.. I try to make sure I have my picks for a couple of races ahead, just in case I get busy. That and have your reminder setting on yahoo set for 2 days instead of one! Above your driver line up is the 1, 2, 3... Week tabs. Click on the number, make your picks... And make sure you save it!!! Good luck on the season!

      • Your deadline to pick new drivers is before qualifying (usually like 2 or 3am PST for me). Your deadline to change from starters/bench is the same before the start of the race. Gives you that one day to switch. This year? I dunno. Seems Yahoo took a vacation so far.

      • you can change all 8 after the race or just tab ahead to next weeks race. You can only use drivers 9 times all year. so choose them wisely. you can swap drivers in starter and bench positions till right before green flag. (time is stated for deadline to lock in drivers)

        you will have till some early hour friday or sometimes thursday morning (sat night races) once in a while you will get through till sat morn but that is rare also, to change your whole line up for week and then you lock those eight and have till right before green flag again.... repeat...

    • So you can get qualifying points. Duh.....



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