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    Selecting Drivers for Race!

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    In this article you will find how the drivers are divided into groups, how to choose them, and the deadline for selecting drivers.


    Available drivers are divided into three groups—A, B, and C—prior to the beginning of the racing season. Once in a group, a driver will not be moved to another group at any time during the season. However, additional drivers may be added to the game at any point during the season.

    To choose drivers, click the add/drop links in the player list on your Team page for any driver grouping (A, B, or C List). You must choose an eight-man squad that includes two members from the A List, four from the B List, and two from the C List.

    If your "My Starters" and "My Bench" lists are full and you want to replace a driver, you will need to first remove one of the drivers from the list by clicking on the red boxes with a X in it.

    To add new driver to your list, choose one of the drivers in the "Player List" (below your "My Starters" and "My Bench" lists) by clicking on on of the green boxes with a + in it.

    Activate drivers by swapping them between Starters and Bench and clicking "Save Roster." If you do not click the "Save Roster" button your changes will be lost.

    The deadline to make team changes for the next race is 2:00 a.m. PT on the night before qualifying. With a few exceptions, this is Thursday night at 2:00 a.m. PT.

    If you don't make any changes by this deadline, your team remains the same as the previous week.

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