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  • RAZR™ RAZR™ Mar 1, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

    Do the right thing, Yahoo!.

    i set my team last nite without a problem.....oh wait....i had to click on wk 2 since its obviously not still wk 1

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    • Razor, ain't funny how we have this happening every year? I always get to move up 7 or 8 spots without even blinking an eye! It's like a free pass in Monopoly! Most of these kids don't even know just what a free pass is anymore, since they have had one most their lives. It helps to read and know the comprehension of a language for once, over all these,"think they know it alls" who try and fake it through life! I know one Razorback and a Hoosier that have one on all you ignorant #$%$!


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