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  • Dave Dave Mar 1, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Changes for Phoenix Race - Late Notification

    Easy, Carter. Should we set up our lineup early in the week? Yes, maybe. Still no excuse on Yahoos behave. If people aren't "die-hards" they might not be checking throughout the week. And other people may be busy with other things in their life to focus completely on Fantasy Racing. If Yahoo gives me the option to have them "remind" me in a timely fashion of when to set my lineup, then that is what they should do. And when they don't, people will "whin." Like me!

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    • Pretty sure you drop the 'e' off of whine when you have a bunch of people doing it. So, it becomes 'whining'. It's always been an early morning cutoff on the day of qualifying, this is nothing new. Never used the notification email, so I can see where some of you guys would be upset about that. But, to think yahoo is going to change it for you, it's not gonna happen!


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