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  • JAYMEDINC JAYMEDINC Feb 18, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

    8 spots left! Join the 12th season of this Survival NASCAR league ID: 2695 pword: bradkez


    http://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/auto You can be in as many as three Yahoo leagues with one pickset.

    Group ID#: 2695
    Password: bradkez

    After every points race the lowest scoring team will get booted from this league. If two teams tie for the lowest score, the team with the lowest season total will be removed. In the event they are still tied, all tied teams will be removed. All teams with a zero for the week will get booted after the race is scored, if more than one team has a zero.

    When/if I am the losing team, I cannot remove myself and will just stick around to moderate.

    Of the teams remaining at Homestead, the team with the highest score for that race is this leagues Champion. Not the team with the highest season total, but the team with the highest score for that race. In the event of a tie, then the highest season total between them will be the Champion.

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