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  • Cheezy Cheezy Feb 18, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

    Marriage/Divorce Co-Ed Survivor league

    I run a Co-Ed survivor league that is in its 7th year.
    After Race 19, the top 17 of each sex will get married for 7 races, with lowest team eliminated each race.
    With 10 races remaining, the couples divorce and the two lowest scores are eliminated, regardless of sex
    I want to get 25 guys and 25 girls, we currently have 13 girls and 16 guys.
    Last year we had 22 girls and 25 guys.
    I don't have any trouble finding guys to join, and I don't let just anybody join, so if you are a guy, email me at cheezysdz and I will consider you if we need to fill the league.
    Group ID# 976
    Group Password xxoo


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