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    Have 3 yahoo leagues . 2 are battle of the sexes leagues, 25 men vs 25 ladies in NASCAR picking duel! Top 20 of each gender totaled each week with weekly won lost standing for NASCAR picking bragging rights at the end of the season to go along with the usual great yahoo game. The other is our individual game INFIELD DOUGHNUTS THE NITRO 9!. That one has it's own individual scoring system based on how well you do each week in your yahoo score compared toe the rest of the league. Nitro 9 points are scored for the top 9 yahoo scores 18 for 1st 2 for 9th and a bonus point for all that finish in the dozen doughnuts( the top 12 scores). There are also production based bonus points for scoring 350 and 300 points, along with a horse racing angle in which your whole roster is incorporated in that if you pick first place and anything in succession after first you get bonus points for that as well. Bonus points add to your total score and are the tiebeaker in case of tie in the standings. During the Chase NITRO 9 points double! The battle for the sexes require active people that get their picks in every week as your gender depends on your participation! In the Doughnuts, how well you do in each race will add up over the course of the year and it being an individual game is a little more laid back though still the desire to be best doughnut in the box will drive you! If interested in either of these leagues or both contact me at eddino55 here at the big whoopie. Couples are also very welcomed in the battle of the sexes as Earnest T and Charlene like the Sadie Hawkins dueling

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