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  • Rapido Racing Rapido Racing Jan 26, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    LGBTQ League 1496 password Gaytona

    Thanks Joanie, I dont take it personally. I've learned long ago not to let peoples negativity affect me. I just find it interesting that they would even care to open the post let along dis-like it.

    Things are going great for me, thanks for asking. Obama got reelected, totally supports gay marriage and prop 8 and DOMA will be heard in the supreme court this year. I'm hugely optimistic that i will be able to marry my boyfriend of nearly 14 years before our 15 year anniversary. It's actually really exciting to be so close to history in the making and to see the cause i've fought for for 25 years come to a head and have so much support all of the sudden. It warms my heart that the country is moving in the right direction and equality is at our fingertips. 7 thumbs down couldn't dampen my spirit on that. Plus Mexico is close to approving gay marriage so we may be married in both of our home countries before long. It's so exciting to think about.

    How about you, how are you doing?

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    • Ahhhhhhhh, love! That's really exciting, Jim - 14 years! WoW!

      I wish you & your boyfriend much happiness - May dreams come true - it's a hard enough life without them - drop me line or make a post if you get married, if you can! It will give me a smile...

      Me - I'm freezing....winters here are harsh and NASCAR-less, waiting for my daughter to graduate from college so I can move back to a warm climate - other than that, just an ol' plow-horse in the harness - LOL, but life is purty good, over-all.....roof over my head, food in the pantry, heat, good tires and a car that starts right up - could be worse - guess I ain't got no complaints, LOL....well, a few, but who doesn't?


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