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  • Mojo Mojo Jan 15, 2013 1:27 AM Flag


    By the way you trashed my skills in the Ducky's league Joanie, it was like you were calling me out...I've given YOU (and others) the opportunity to "back your flap"...and you have cowardly chickened out!!!!....JUST LIKE I THOUGHT YOU WOULD!!!!....it is typical of what you necks do....cut a guys skills down, then back out of a challenge....that's fine, I found out what I wanted to about you necks....

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    • Mojo - you used up every *stud* driver you had in the first half of the season last year - it's easy to lead the league if you are just gonna play the cream of the B list and the C list over-and-over until you run out (& then drop like a stone) - and you trashed-talked everyone so outrageously and obscenely you drove everyone but one person off the message board of a thirteen-year league - and I have to take my hat off to that guy, he put you in your place without ever lowering himself to your level - I mean, you totally ruined one of the best league boards on Yahoo! - even MoToR - whom most people adore there - opted out -

      Then, when all you had left was the bottom-feeders of the B and C list, and dropped like a stone, you posted - over-and-over, with each low score - a bunch of #$%$ about how you had proved you could lead the league and were "bored now" and not gonna try anymore, LOL......and you cried like a baby because no one had told you how the "chase" worked - and finished last out of 15 in the chase - and just kept saying you were bored with it all and decided to let others have a chance, ROFL......

      And, you kept calling me out and trashing me all season - so when I finally replied at seasons end with a *sorry kid, money talks, B S walks*, you decided to cry that I had trashed YOU!

      So - you are going to put all your effort into one single league that you run, now? If you start dropping, are you going to say you "bored now"?


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