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  • Pritzi Pritzi Nov 18, 2012 12:49 PM Flag

    Memories of NASCAR 2012 Season

    Every year brings memorable moments to remember. So far, for the NASCAR 2012 Season, my 3 biggest memories have to be….Montoya taking out the Jetdryer…Watkins Glen for the best race & the brawl at last weekend at Phoenix

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    • the jet dryer will be remembered for a while.kyles worst year of his carreer,and first time in 30 years there was no earnhardts in cup series race.thats the 3 i have.

    • Good dart kid!!!

      The jet dryer incident and Watkins Glen for sure, Pritzi!!

      Jimmie's crash at Kansas and the way the 48 team rallied is right up there for me. The brawl... It left a bad taste in my mouth, Bowyer's crew turning it into a cage match was fine by me. Crew on crew though, they should not have grabbed Jeff. He should have been left for Clint alone, driver on driver... (Which will never happen, NASCAR has always had a way of protecting the golden boys at HMS.) You can't have the cars being used as weapons, if you are truly that miffed, grab ol' dude in a headlock and get yourself some respect. Win or lose, a bloody nose and fat lip gets the point across. There's no respect won destroying race cars.

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      • Another EPIC memory for me has to be the massive wreck on the last lap at Talladega in October….that track looked like a junk yard!!! The most shocking memory for me had to be AJ Allmendinger…I just didn’t see that one coming but Hornish sure did help me out in my C-Class. I think my happiest moment had to be Dale Jr. winning at Michigan and finally getting that winless monkey off his back :)

        I haven’t said anything on that fight at Phoenix…but I do have some strong convictions regarding it. However, no one can argue that it wasn't memorable…I don't think it will ever be forgotten.

        All in All...I think NASCAR in 2012 was pretty good...it sure is a great sport!!!

    • My three are 1. Jr. Winning at Michigan of course 2. Tony using his full body two handed throw of his helmet at Bristol 3. And last week Clint running down to get Jeff, his backside was looking good! Lol

    • Let me change that !!!!! My favorite moment was JJ blowing up at Homestead!!!!!! Woooooooooooo

    • The transformation of Kes into a Champion is top on my list.
      Also hats off to Michael Waltrip for moving up with the big boys.
      Failure of RFR to keep secure sponsorship and keep Kenseth.

      Honorable mention has to be JPM. Who runs into a Jet Dryer (classic).


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