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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Nov 18, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    Watching RaceDay...

    ...according to their fan polls...

    Either NASCAR has truly reached their target audience, or all of us old timers don't "tweet"... One or the other.


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    • it is part of this sport and every sport.just imagine how boring it really would be to watch these cars for 500 miles without touchin .theres got to be some bangin and bumpin.

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      • LOL Give em all some LSD before the race and the whole race could be like watching the M&M's commercial in which the M&M's are driving the 18 and Kyle is tied up.

        Or give the whole field a large dose of Adderall? That would 'speed' things up.

        I actually enjoy a good hard *clean* race.

      • Beating and banging for position is fine with me, tombo. It has always been part of the sport of racing... But to limp around for two laps to exact revenge for hard racing is sophomoric at best. And NOT the markings of a true Champion.

        I enjoy hard racing, like Jimmie and Brad at Texas and Martinsville. I don't watch for the wrecks, a true fan of stockcar racing doesn't watch to see crashing either... There is a lot more to NASCAR than turning left for 500 miles completing a circle. Ever watch the strategy of the pits? How about the challenge of hitting the setup exact for each track? That's where the real action is!

      • Banging and Bumping is not purposely dumping another driver while being laps down... I don't care you are in the majority. So was B.O. Need I say anymore? The Majority isn't always right. They only think because their numbers are greater they are right.


    • I saw that Goat. 2 to 1 in favor of the gladiatorial arena. And while us old timers mostly don't tweet, I doubt we make up enough of the 'fan' base to make a significant difference. The majority would still be the same.

      That being said, I would say it was a case of both rather than one or the other.


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