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  • Richard Richard Nov 18, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    NNS Homestead

    I don't know who you're other C pick is.

    Respectively: P1; Q; P2; HH: Average

    B Labonte: 34th; 32nd; 31st; 26th: 31st

    Cassill: 14th; 30th; 33rd; 33rd: 27th

    Mears: 20th; 28th; 25th; 24th: 24th

    Bayne: 22nd; 20th; 26th; 30th: 24th

    Stenhouse: 32nd; 27th; 24th; 28th: 28th

    And for Cliff LOL:

    Yeley: 40th; 39th; 43rd; 37th: 40th

    I don't know if Mears is a S&P this week, that being said, I would probably go with Bayne myself looking at the numbers above. Stenhouse would be an ok pick. But I am biased with regard to Stenhouse in Cup currently.

    I am using my last Hornish, Labonte was my backup driver.


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