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  • Richard Richard Nov 16, 2012 8:19 PM Flag

    Da Twinkie Report

    This just in: There was a run on Twinkies in local grocery store.

    Managed to secure one last two pack hidden away at gas station convenience store. Had to fight off local resident for it.

    Actually: The local grocery store was sold out. They now carry "Little Debbie". The local gas station convenience store did only have one two pack left. Of which, my picking it up started quite a discussion in the store regarding it LOL.

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    • A Mexican company is looking into buying the rights... I didn't read the story but did read the highlights...


    • We are all fat and lazy here in the Midwest and we do love our twinkies! I will run into the Walmart here in town and buy up several boxes and ship them to you. You know they have a shelf life of at least 20 years. Did you every see Zoombieland when Woody needs to get his Twinkie fix? Hilarious !

    • They sell twinkles in California ? I thought everyone on the west coast ate healthy food. Lol

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      • LOL Lisa. You probably do work more hours than I do anymore. I only work perhaps 20 - 30 hours a week anymore. That is by choice though. That was a job out in the desert for a friend. The sooner I got it done, the sooner I got to go home LOL. So I was motivated to "git 'er done!".

        I hope you and yours enjoy life together!

      • I haven't had a Twinkie in years upon years, can't remember the last time. But with current events, figured I better git me one last Twinkie LOL

        Just don't go to Walmart on Black Friday, I hear rumors of their employees planning to strike and I tip my hat to them regarding it.

        And as Cliff shared, and I think Carl's Jr has an ad to that effect: If it weren't for fast food, some of us would starve LOL. Speaking of which, tis time for me to head on over to the local mom and pop cafe for a steak breakfast!

      • Actually I was VERY surprised the first time I visited SoCal (my wife's brother lives in Anaheim) - you would think it would be all yoga parlors and tofu shacks but I swear there's a donut place on every street corner (either Krispy Kreme or Winchell's or a mom-n-pop store), plus they have a lot more different fast food places than here in NJ (offhand I can think of Jack In The Box, Carls Jr, Weinerschnitzel, a bunch of Taco places (of course!), and the infamous In-N-Out :-d )

    • As I eat my last Twinkie:

      Here's to Hostess, James Dewar and 82 years of being an iconic American product and company!


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