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  • bobby bobby Nov 18, 2012 2:01 PM Flag

    Chopping Block Homestead

    Thank you Pritzi for the generous award offered to the winner..... that was very generous on your part..... Thanks MoToR for giving us the Chopping Block for The Chase .... it has been enjoyable and I hope we continue this next year..... I enjoyed this add-on to year.

    Good Luck everyone (except Benny and Lisa ) hahahahaha (just kidding guys)


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    • Thanks but remember I'm just donating a gift card that was given to me by one of my distributors. I think this Chopping Block Game was a wonderful idea considering all that we have been through. If I recall correctly, this main MB went through some additional changes & many were mainly speaking on the other MB. Consequently, this MB was turning into a ghost town. This game was an effort by MoToR to bridge those two MBS so new people coming here would not fall through the cracks/get lost & keep this MB alive. Either way…I think this game has been a lot of fun…even though I stink at it big time…then again that has been indicative of my entire race season this year…at least I have been consistent...LOL

      I hope we do it again next year too :)


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