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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Nov 15, 2012 1:02 AM Flag


    Just remember, Kid Bro - if we agree on everything, one of us is an idiot.

    This is one of those cases where people are going to have strong opinions - and once again, we are on opposite sides - but that is because neither of us has changed our general stance. In each case, I have supported the payback, and you have been against. So, it is really just the same ol' argument, different set of drivers.

    BTW - I totally horrified myself with a typo I made replying to your post about the other board on the other board - Terrible oopsies there - you might get a laugh out of it - just read the explanation underneath, LOL!

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    • Typo? Typo... Yeah right!

      You must really think I'm stupid... Stupid like those who believe you know anything at all about NASCAR. If Mark Garrow doesn't say it, or ESPN's ex-Hendricks gang doesn't run a poll on it, or it cannot be copied and pasted... You look like an idiot everytime you type something on these boards.

      Of course the ESPN polls show the.majority of the viewers are behind Gordon's chickenchit move... DUH!! Those same people will vote that Dale Jr. is NASCAR's greatest driver ever 88% to 9% with 3 undecided... Let's see here, who does Jeffrey drive for...? Who is Jeffy-Poo's teammate...? Who is Ricky Craven beholden to...? Don't be stupid, you could ask those lunatics what the color of dogchit is and they'd be mixed between green and silver.

      If you or any of those "fans" knew chit about racing, you would never support any driver taking a wrecked race car that is not on the lead lap and deciding Championship points. Clint has no problem driving "respectful" around Brad, Jimmie, Kasey, Denny, Dale Jr, Matt, Greg, or even KHarv... But Jeffrey...? Hmmm... Maybe, just maybe its Jeff's problem with Clint, not the other way around when it comes to respect...?

      Do your "oopsies" dance somewhere else, I'm not buying it, and anyone who truly knows you won't be either. Typo my #$%$... Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards deserve a back stabbing P.O.S. like you cheering for them.

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      • Nope - that was true typo - I swear on my immortal soul - I was highlighting and erasing on my phone, and it screwed up. If you think about it, I never resort to name-calling - I leave that to The Guys, and some of you have done a fine job of it over the years, LOL - altho' Curtis was always the most original.

        However, I respect the fact that, Like our drivers, you are very emotional, and show your passion, and that gives the whole thing flavor....

        Not everyone will agree with you on this, and I am one....and you can let it keep ticking you off, or let it go, your choice.


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