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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Nov 14, 2012 11:04 PM Flag


    Clint was Well Aware that Jeff was very angry with him - and didn't seem to care - and others were predicting retaliation. And Clint didn't take heed.

    Jeff made his point, and hopefully once Clint gets past the anger, he will learn something about what it costs when others race him the way he has raced them this year - with No Respect.

    Clint got his points knocking Jeff's out in a few races.

    I think the whole MWR success thing went to his head and he needed that reality check.

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    • I used to think highly of Jeff Gordon, I thought highly of you also Joanie...

      Starting to think I might not be able to judge character quite as well as I once could. Same stance as when Carl almost killed Brad... You amaze me. NASCAR fans know Jeff's actions were wrong at Phoenix, as well as Carl's at Atlanta. That's not an opinion, that's plain common sense.

      Go back to your "better" board, we don't need anymore ignorant rants here, we're all full up!

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      • Just remember, Kid Bro - if we agree on everything, one of us is an idiot.

        This is one of those cases where people are going to have strong opinions - and once again, we are on opposite sides - but that is because neither of us has changed our general stance. In each case, I have supported the payback, and you have been against. So, it is really just the same ol' argument, different set of drivers.

        BTW - I totally horrified myself with a typo I made replying to your post about the other board on the other board - Terrible oopsies there - you might get a laugh out of it - just read the explanation underneath, LOL!

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