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  • Pritzi Pritzi Nov 8, 2012 2:33 PM Flag

    Tear Away Windshields

    Sorry, don't mean to interrupt all the political talk out here on the NASCAR MB…BUT…I do have a few questions regarding NASCAR. LOL :)

    Last week I was at the TX race & the conversation turned to Windshields, Tear Aways & NASCAR safety issues because of all the BUGS. The sun setting during the race created many visibility issues for drivers but the real culprit was BUGS!!! It was comical to surf all the scanner channels and hear about all the drivers talking about all the bugs on their windshields and how they HAD to come in for a tear away. Everybody was saying the couldn't see because of all the bugs on their windshields & I admit it was bad. Seriously, many of the drivers sounded very concerned over their lack of visibility. So here are some of the questions that the conversation turned to……

    1. How many Tear Aways does a NASCAR driver have?
    2. When did NASCAR switch to Tear Aways & was it for Safety Reasons? If so what were those reasons for the changes?
    3. How did they use to clean the windshields before Tear Aways & did it fall under over the wall procedures for a pit stop?

    We genuinely did not know any of these answers. However, as fans, we really could not recall a race where the subject of visibility & bugs was discussed so much…LOL. Looking for a "CLEAR" answer :)

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    • SAFELITE AUTO GLASS will tear away your life as you know it .......

    • I believe the first team to use the windshield tear-offs was the HMS #24 .... and the tear-off was a Dupont product.... the Lexan windshields were bad to get scratches and pitted so the tear-offs solved that problem


    • Sorry to interrupt this great convo with a response to the original post :-p -

      Not sure of the exact number of tearaways but I would imagine at least 8-10 depending on how many pit stops they anticipate.

      As far as when they switched and why, I don't remember exactly but probably sometime in the late 90's and it was probably just a case of a "better idea" that technology allowed rather than safety; it's a faster and more efficient method that someone came up with and soon everyone followed.

      And ooh ooh ooh I know the answer to the last one! A rag and Windex or other window cleaner for an over the wall guy to do. I did it a couple times in ARCA in the early 90's for Jerry Churchill and I remember one time there was a chip in the windshield right in his line of sight that he pointed to after I got done and I went over it again but of course it didn't come out so he just had to deal with it :-)

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      • I believe the actual number of tear offs is five, Cliff. Any more than five and the wind drag begins to pull the stack of tabs from each other.

        Safety concerns- The tear aways were developed to minimize the number of crew members over the wall during pit stops. One less crew member per team reduces the opportunity of accidental contact by 43 lives. Pulling a tear off from the windshield takes less than a second, while spraying window cleaner, wiping a rag through bug guts, then repeating the process in 13 seconds has become unfeasible. Smears are just as dangerous if not more so at 200mph. One quick tug and the driver's view has been restored.

        Sweet Old Bob nailed it on the developer.

    • They put on as many tear aways as they can c thru. 5-6 roughly. Good question. So I have some questions for you. Do you all talk on this MB over the off season? What is the other board that is so much better? Is it a secret?

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      • Lisa - would love to see you there - I've found that a search for

        "yahoo message board recreation racing"

        brought it right up! (As I recall there were couple racing boards under the yahoo recreation heading - but this search should get you to the active one).

      • Thanks for the answer back Lisa :) I can't find the exact number anywhere. As for the other questions, I was for sure some people out here would know it….you would be surprised at the wealth of knowledge some people have hear on racing. Guess I will have to fact check the rest of it myself…if I can find it. As for the other MB, MoToR gave the best instructions on how to get there & many people go to the other MB because it is an easier format to follow than here & you can post links. They welcome everyone there & would love to have you. As for the "fighting" that goes on out here & the history of it …I don't have a clue why. I showed up here in spring of 2011 & these battles that exist began many years ago. I don't know anything about it & take no sides in it since I don't even know who started what & when or who said what first. Heck…I don't even really know who is who out here…I find I keep my "sanity" a lot better if I don't even try to figure it out…


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