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  • Beach Beach Nov 4, 2012 1:00 PM Flag

    Done with NASCAR, the day Jimmy Johnson Ties #3 for Championships is the day NASCAR Dies

    #$%$...boring format, fixed, rigged....etc..I suggested years ago, to change the playoff races, put a road course in there on NASCAR forum....it was deleted 3 times, I gave up...

    Boring Boring Boring....

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    • Jimmie Johnson is only a 2 time champion as of right now if the chase had never been created.And for anyone that wants to say they race different now because of the chase I say you are full of horse puckey.Every team is out trying to get every point they can every week just like they always have.Johnson will NEVER EVER be recognized in the same league as Earnhardt and Petty by anyone that knows nascar.Never!

    • You suggested it? You're a rocket scientist,why didn't anyone else think of that? Here's a tissue for your issue.

    • road course races are such a small part in nascar why would they be part of the chase for?36 races with 2 road course races and.they dont make the money circle tracks do.

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      • B/C they require a lot more skill.....if you're the best then race the best...I was using that as an example. I'd throw in a Bristol Race as well....Jimmy Johnson has dominated the last 5 races of the year since the beginning....it's been set up so that his best tracks are final races. Ever notice (most years) he's not so great out of the gate, but come playoff time...wow that team changes a lot..

        I think they should mix up the tracks if they're going to stick to this obviously flawed format. Imagine if one team won the world series/NFL Championship 7 times in 8 years how much that would change the sports.


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