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  • Beach Beach Nov 7, 2012 8:40 PM Flag

    Done with NASCAR, the day Jimmy Johnson Ties #3 for Championships is the day NASCAR Dies

    It has been my experience, albeit very brief experience, that F1 is pretty much based on pole position, then it's typically a race between 3-4 cars. But I may take you up on more F1, I do love NASCAR road races because the skill it takes to drive those cars through a road course. Admittedly, I am #24 Fan for NASCAR, but waning, he's given up, ever since he became a part owner in JJ...which again I think is #$%$....football reference again, what if Peyton Manning owned the Raiders and had to compete against them....just a stupid idea overall...much NASCAR needs to improve upon, and in response to Da Goat I agree with you...money money money...


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