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  • tombo tombo Nov 4, 2012 1:04 PM Flag

    Done with NASCAR, the day Jimmy Johnson Ties #3 for Championships is the day NASCAR Dies

    road course races are such a small part in nascar why would they be part of the chase for?36 races with 2 road course races and.they dont make the money circle tracks do.

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    • B/C they require a lot more skill.....if you're the best then race the best...I was using that as an example. I'd throw in a Bristol Race as well....Jimmy Johnson has dominated the last 5 races of the year since the beginning....it's been set up so that his best tracks are final races. Ever notice (most years) he's not so great out of the gate, but come playoff time...wow that team changes a lot..

      I think they should mix up the tracks if they're going to stick to this obviously flawed format. Imagine if one team won the world series/NFL Championship 7 times in 8 years how much that would change the sports.

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      • NASCAR did not set the Chase tracks with bias towards Jimmie, rather the #48 team realized how important those ten particular tracks,were to win a,Championship under the Chase format, and perfected their ability on them.

        I'm not a fan of Hendricks Motorsports, or Jimmie for that matter... I have seen NASCAR tilt the field some for poor Rick and whichever ailment he is suffering from that is the most popular that particular month. HMS has three of the most popular drivers, the smartest crew chief hands down, and add to that a satellite team with Smoke and Danica... I don't see much changing in the near future.

        Brian France is all about the cash, how else would you explain the Chase being televised on a paid television affiliate ESPN rather than through a National viewing audience on the free airwaves...?

        IMHO- Our sport has one foot in the grave with Brian running the show, coupled with HMS and JJ winning another title or two will be all it takes to complete the funeral.

      • Sounds like you may want to watch F1, instead of Nascar. I am for more 1/2 ovals.


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