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    Union workers care

    The electrical companies in New Jersey love the people they serve so much they sent non union workers home. Don't worry millions with out power in the cold, and they don't want nonunion help. Remember that when you vote this Tuesday. I know the boys from Alabama, could get the job done and done right. They have plenty experience dealing with hurricanes and the disasters they leave behind.

    Don't believe me look it up.


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    • Had to do a little digging, here - but it appears this was in ONE TOWN - where there was concern about the quality of the work that would be done by the volunteers.

      While it seems no one writing the articles bothered to ask the workers IN THIS ONE TOWN for commentary before they spewed anti-union vitriol, there were comments under one article indicating that the town was worried that work by unknown entities could cause bigger problems, and they didn't want anyone electrocuted or otherwise injured in Their Town. These comments make it appear it had more to do with the volunteers licensing than anything else.

      I think most people are sadly unaware of the history of labor in America - one of the most passionate and violent internal movements ever, a lot of people died for the right to unionize - and those "Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It"....

      All I've seen in these articles is some shallow, biased writing. Very few details about the actual event in question - maybe two sentences in all, and mostly sensationalism about the plight of TWO WHOLE STATES, as opposed to A SINGLE TOWN.

      Isn't the town in New Jersey? Then why is it pertinent in a article that runs 6 sentences, quote aside, that "Things have gotten so bad that in New York City citizens have taken to dumpster diving for food".....this is a town, NOT New York City.

      I cry, "Yellow Journalism" - give me an article ABOUT the town and the specifics there, which some people attempted to write in the comments section of another similarly sensational article, and I might concede a point.

      Some of the workers were sent to another area, while some "returned home" - if they were so fired up to work, why didn't they go where their work could be used - licensing/experience/insurance problems, perhaps?

      Don't forget, down the line, any mistakes these workers make could come back to someone being sued, big-time.

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      • This had nothing to do with shotty repairs or any thing other than they refused to sign a union contract. A union contract to do Free work? The power companies that sent them were paying them, it was a donation. See down in the south we take care of each other. These guys are trained weather chasers in a sense. I'm sure these same crews go out on most of the hurricanes across the south. Probably some of the 1st responders to katrina, to get them back up.

        It is not about licenses as some have tried to claim, 1st off only doing the actual hook up do you have to be licensed. Not all Electrical Union Workers are licensed. There are so many more phases to get to before the power goes through. Pulling line is a labor intensive job that does not require a licence. There is a ton of that to do before it can be hooked up. The Labor union way is stand around and #$%$ with the guys pulling and milk it for every dime. It is just another way to show How unions destroy themselves.....

        This has nothing to do with safety. Do you really think they (Alabama's power companies) would send incompetent workers to do an extremely dangerous job in dangerous conditions on their dime? I heard audio today of them being called SCABS and told they were steeling from their families? Really They get paid from the good folks in Alabama? How are they stealing? They are not looking to make a buck, only give people what they need, ELECTRICITY. Maybe it is because they have the right to work and the right to be fired too......... That is why they perform and union workers just talk about money while people are out in the cold, with no heat & no food.


    • Safelite Auto Glass is the worst.....

    • Profiteering through a National disaster is deemed treason. I think it is high time to start stringing up some of these fat cats like union reps and big oil men who jack the cost of goods during trying times.

      Hurricane Sandy is going to cause gasoline prices to rise because the oil refineries in the NorthEast provide the majority of the gasoline Americans burn daily...? Ummm... Didn't we just hear that cock-n-bull story when Katrina ripped through the Gulf...? Well, it is one or the other there big oil, but it cannot be both!

      Hang 'em high! Maybe it would slow down their craving for wealth while others are struggling.


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