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  • MoToR® MoToR® Nov 2, 2012 9:47 PM Flag

    Union workers care

    This had nothing to do with shotty repairs or any thing other than they refused to sign a union contract. A union contract to do Free work? The power companies that sent them were paying them, it was a donation. See down in the south we take care of each other. These guys are trained weather chasers in a sense. I'm sure these same crews go out on most of the hurricanes across the south. Probably some of the 1st responders to katrina, to get them back up.

    It is not about licenses as some have tried to claim, 1st off only doing the actual hook up do you have to be licensed. Not all Electrical Union Workers are licensed. There are so many more phases to get to before the power goes through. Pulling line is a labor intensive job that does not require a licence. There is a ton of that to do before it can be hooked up. The Labor union way is stand around and #$%$ with the guys pulling and milk it for every dime. It is just another way to show How unions destroy themselves.....

    This has nothing to do with safety. Do you really think they (Alabama's power companies) would send incompetent workers to do an extremely dangerous job in dangerous conditions on their dime? I heard audio today of them being called SCABS and told they were steeling from their families? Really They get paid from the good folks in Alabama? How are they stealing? They are not looking to make a buck, only give people what they need, ELECTRICITY. Maybe it is because they have the right to work and the right to be fired too......... That is why they perform and union workers just talk about money while people are out in the cold, with no heat & no food.


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    • Show me your sources, I might concede a point. The thing is, this about ONE TOWN that says it had its reasons to turn down the assistance, and the workers were invited to go elsewhere where their help could utilized - some did, some didn't.

      The articles you sited on the other board were just sensational - giving no real facts relating to this incident at all - anyway, seems we argued it all thru there, LOL....

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      • All I know is it should not have even been a topic. Decatur power in Alabama has a video up stating they were asked to sign a union contract and it went beyond their beliefs. So they redirected their crews to other locations. This is just stupid that it would even come to this when Obama said he would cut the bureaucratic red tape, to make this go faster and more efficient. To me that just cracks me up. So B.O. what you are saying is that for things to work properly you have to get the government out of the way? Sound's like Romney's platform, glad to see you agree with the next president of the United States....



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