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  • Cliff Cliff Nov 3, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    Chopping Block Texas

    w0ot! Looks like I actually can reply now :-D Yes, very strange that on my phone I can go to the main NASCAR Fantasy part and was able to make my picks for the week, but it won't let me into the message board at all, and on my laptop that I was able to hook up to the hotel WiFi down here in NC, I could get into the message board but couldn't reply, until now o_O

    But anyway thanks very much Goat, and my actual quote was "Cliff is going wiff The Biff", although ironically (or perhaps not) I'm actually going to save him in my "regular" picks since I only have 1 start of his left - at least I got 5 qualifying points for him :-)


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