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  • MoToR® MoToR® Oct 24, 2012 9:33 AM Flag

    Obama the liar is history

    Not only did he cover it up, he hired the people that were part of the group who attacked the consulate in Benghazi to be security there. He knew as of 4:00 9/11/12 exactly what was going on. The Emails have been leaked out and this story is going to blow up BIG TIME!!!

    Don't take my word for this, do some research and you will find it. The liberal media is going to have a hard time covering this up.

    The easy tale on Obama is what ever his says bad about Romney is actually something about himself. He says just yesterday Romney can not be trusted. Really B.O.? Who lied to the American public. Who spent our money as stupid as he could trying to bankrupt this country? Pack your bags and GET OUT. your done!!!!

    How you feel m? isn't it nice knowing everything you fought about just blew up in your face. I can't wait to see your response to defend this liar now....

    Lisa, will you look this up and rethink your view? Do you really think he has our best interest at heart, or his? Is this really a guy you can trust with our future in this point in History? I know you are smart enough to do your homework....


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