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  • Jewseph Jewseph Oct 24, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    Obama the liar is history

    So...you watched the debate(s), I'm guessing?

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    • As every good American should have. This story breaking today about his knowledge about this and no response, a fund raiser and a good nights sleep. The lies, the mishandling of this consulate from the very beginning. It all adds up to Anyone who votes for Obama is just a sponge off the government, or a total idiot.... I hope people read the stories and see how we have been deceived and he is still trying to deceive us. He Knew all along, so where did this Video story come from? From the top down to the liberal media they have all been lying. Now the liberal media will have to spin hard to cover this up, or actually do their job.... Look it up on Yahoo. it is out there...


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      • Well I'm not a sponge or an idiot. I do see some of your points but I just don't see how Romney is going to help the middle class (me and my family) . I don't trust him and I don't think he has our (me and my family's) best interest at heart. You have made some good points. And I agree that we need to get things turned around which hasn't been done in the past 4 years. Still going to sit this one out.:(


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