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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Oct 23, 2012 8:54 PM Flag

    2 Drivers

    Don't think I'd be counting Hamlin or Bowyer out just yet, Benny...

    MWR coupled with Brian Pattie and Clint Bowyer have their flat track programs together.Martinsville and Phoenix are good tracks for Clint's driving style, and he has two Nationwide wins at Texas. Homestead is an unknown, but he's been strong in the Chase. 20 points is not that huge of a lead, and its only 13 should Brad find trouble. Swap those positions around at Dega before Smoke pulled a Danica and this would be a whole different story. Still don't see how Tony finished ahead of Clint, unless they froze the field while Tony was upside down... And if that's the case... Denny and Jimmie finished behind them both. But that's just how it goes in the big leagues, can't be "if" "and" and "butting", we all know NASCAR has the final word, sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes not.

    Don't forget Kyle vs. Ryan could rear its ugly head anytime. Kyle could seek revenge with Jimmie and Brad near while focusing on each other, and what a break that would be for Denny, huh? I wouldn't put that past him. Ask Ron Hornaday...

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    • Bowyer & Hamlin both have great tracks in front of them for sure, Da Goat.

      But Johnson is almost unbeatable at all the final 4 tracks. I know that Homestead doesn't show a great record for Jimmie but he was "eased up" for 5 straight years while winning his Cups. If Johnson finally had to race at Homestead for a Championship, then I would not bet against him.

      Then there is Kes...resilient to say the least. He is always on the offensive and that is what kept him out of trouble at 'Dega and Kansas. His driving style is not going to change in the last 4 races. He may be the Champion.

      To me, both Jimmie and Kes will not falter...one of them may...but not both. That is what makes it so tough for Denny & Clint. 13 & 20 points is actually a fairly substantial deficit. But only time will tell.

      As far as any payback between non-chasers and/or back-markers, I sense this is on the back burner until 2013 as per NASCAR instructions.

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      • Jimmie owns Kansas Speedway too, right? Clint gained points on both of the leaders on two of his worst tracks... Winning at Charlotte, and finishing sixth at Kansas. I will admit that Jimmie got in Denny's head, and had to shake Brad a bit too with the 48 teams recovery at Kansas. Denny has been fading, while Clint is gaining. Big Mo is a dangerous thing in the Chase, just ask Carl...

        Let me have my dream bro!! LOL! It ain't over til they throw that checkered rag at Homestead... Again, ask Carl.


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