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  • MoToR® MoToR® Oct 22, 2012 6:13 PM Flag

    Political Beer Game.

    What should tonight's drinking statement be? I think Osama Bin Laden should be the drinking trigger. It should get everyone pretty trashed tonight. I expect B.O. to say that as much as he can. I hope Romney points out where the intelligence to get him came from... Thanks G.W. I know B.O. won't give credit where credit is do, only place blame on everyone else. Any other suggestions, Another good one would be I. That is by far B.O.'s favorite statement, unless something went wrong...

    Drink up when you hear B.O. say Bin Laden or I. See you hung over tomorrow. LoL.


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    • I don't drink beer. I will be drinking that koolaid I'm known to be drinking when I don't agree. LMAO

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      • 2 debates to lies proven. He never called Benghazi a terror attack in the Rose Garden, Romney never said no help for auto companies. Look it up like B.O. Said. Barry was acting like a man losing control. Every marine has a bayonet, the first troops on ground in Afghanistan were on horse. Does he not know what equipment we even have? Aircraft carriers are ships. In this world should we have less war ships then we did in 1913. and Yes an aircraft carrier is a war ship.... Just saying. He want to secure the world with a .22. Once Romney opens the doors for business to boom, the economy will be able to afford to keep our men and women who risk their lives for our freedom, what they need to be the best in the world. With all the unrest in the middle east they might just need to be.

        Can you tell me one thing he said he will do. He doesn't tell you what he will do. He can't tell you what he's done. Yet you will still vote for him. Attacking Romney is not a platform for the future. He didn't even look Presidential. The constant interruptions and lying being sarcastic and arrogant, While Romney politely let him put his foot in his mouth. Anyone can look it up... LoL Do it.....

        Can you see him talking to leaders of other worlds like he did with Romney. Oh that's right he just puts down America when he leaves our shores. So much was there for all to see if they just open their eyes.


    • did you see the saturday night live skit the other night of them?it was funny as #$%$!!!

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      • No I, quit watching that show years ago. The humor on there is far from humor, when ever I watch it. It is mostly people acting stupid. They use to be a power house for comedy, but the David Spades of the show are now all we are left with. No one good has come from there in a long time. They all just look like cheap replacements each time someone new comes along. Like David Spade was just a cheap replacement for Dana Carvy. or the fat guy who is still there, is a cheap replacement for John Belushi. I will have to you tube it though. Once in a while they do actually write some funny stuff, it is all the #$%$ you have to get through to find something funny on it that kills me.



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