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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Oct 22, 2012 8:06 AM Flag

    Kansas results

    Race weekend at Kansas Speedway rocked, Lisa!! My buddy Pat Meyers talked me into a scanner for the Cup race, I always thought it would take away from the "being there live" part of the experience.... WRONG-O!!! LOL!

    Listening in on race control was awesome! Had the Busch boys and of course Bowyer set as my drivers communications, very interesting... Kyle doesn't seem to care much for Ryan Newman... LMAO!

    The debris was very easy to spot yesterday, it always resembled a stockcar... LOL!

    Great time had by everyone in my group! Not to worry, MoToR... It still came in second to the Dega weekend! LOL! I don't think anything will ever top that one bro!

    Sorry about not getting the sombrero on television, folks. Man, it was a madhouse at the SPEED stage. I did get an inside track on a metal boot that could make balance a bit easier... Plus clear a path! LOL! Maybe next time!!!

    I had a BLAST!

    (And Sis, you'd be proud of me... I only had one beer all weekend.)

    tombo, you ARE going next year! Don't you make me come up there bro... It wouldn't be pretty....



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