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    how many drivers miss weeks next year?

    With Nascar getting serious about concussions, How many drivers will miss weeks because of an accident. I have read rumors that even if cars are drove off the track, the drivers will still have to go to the infield care center to be cleared to return to the track. This could and I think will lead to drivers not making 36 starts next year. It could mean keeping your head out of danger leads to a championship. We could see a practice run or a qualifying run taking a driver out of the race.

    Jr may just have to think about early retirement pretty soon. The worse part about concussions is the fact once you get one of them, you get them a lot easier and they become more dangerous. I don't want to be the one to say it, but Jr has to think about the fact, that is one thing he don't want in common with his dad. His past record is putting him on a direct path to follow in his dads footsteps, only not in a good way.

    I think nascar is going in the right direction with this, who doesn't believe being safer is better. Now maybe they will get serious about the some of the aggression on the track. Maybe they have, a couple of drivers have been kind of quite this year. Mostly because they knew they were under close watch. The problem Nascar will have to answer is, what happens when someone big has to sit out after the Daytona 500? All because they were involved in a big one caused by someones lack of thought..... I think Tony is probably the next driver to miss out on a chase next year, because he has to learn a new style of driving. Nascar can not be happy Jr. had to sit out because of this. I'm sure things like "we can make you an owner only", were said to him. Maybe not, who knows what is said behind closed doors. One thing for sure this rule will make owners force them to make them clean up drivers acts. Now more and more these acts will not just cost owners cars but talent also. That is going to create a fire storm against reckless over aggressive drivers. I wonder what old Rick had to say to Tony? I wonder if it was something to the effect of "We have had a unexpected loss of revenue, due to this we are forced to raise cost of our equipment. you will see increases in next shipment." LoL.

    I do believe we will be seeing a driver or two missing a race next year because they caused someone to miss a race. I could be wrong but I really don't see how they will be able to get around it. Although what Tony did was not malicious, just stupid. The malicious acts may just be a thing of the past now. Only time will tell though. I just don't see how over aggressive acts have any place left in this sport. Maybe they won't either.


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    • If a big name should be held out of a cup event then so be it. I think NASCAR would rather sit them out for a race then lose then forever.

    • as much as some people complain about the Chase (i like the Chase, btw), the good thing about it is that drivers could potentially still make the Chase and have a chance for the title if they would miss 1 or 2 regular season races.

    • Tyvm for posting your thoughts. 'Helps out a noob like moi.

    • yep,it will be an epidemic like the stupid fuel mileage racing.

    • MoToR, I dozed off half way through your bloviation but I finally got to the end. lol

      Seriously though, you make some good points and I can certainly see more drivers missing races due to concussion concerns. I think this is JR's third concussion now- 2 this year & 1 at Sonoma a few years back.

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      • When you think of concussions most peoples first thoughts are of old boxers. Many can not even speak in the same manner they once could. Same thing in going on in football right now. High impact sports like Boxing, Football, and Racing are suspect to this. Nascar is smart to get this under control to the best of their ability. The NFL has had some issues from lack of action in past.

        My son played football, Skate boarded and was, well out out boy. He has had 3 concussions one from football, one from skateboarding and one from goofing off on a trampoline. his 1st at 9 years old on a trampoline. It didn't even look like he would have got one landing face 1st on a trampoline. The snap back caused the brain to bounce off his skull. as the brain is only floating inside your head. Needless to say he get serious head aches at times still. He is 19 now so he is slowing down on the physical stuff, well at least the things that could now cost him money. Bank of Dad is only open for loans now, no more free money. LoL. This is my son in which grew up in an age where concussions are understood much better now. Jr has been racing his whole life and we know of 3 concussions he has had. We know of others he admitted to hiding, and who knows how many he may not even known he had as a child. I think Jr because of who he is and what happened to his dad, Nascar really don't want a repeat in history in the future. That is why all the sudden they are getting really serious about this issue. the ImPACT testing is going to be a regular thing for these drivers. From what I understand this test really test the brain. My son hated taking them. I think they are the reason he calmed down some. He doesn't want to take them anymore. LoL.



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