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  • JW JW Oct 15, 2012 9:27 PM Flag

    JR. won't race Really??

    Maybe he can team up with Danica and they can live off un-deserved media hype. I bet senior is rolling over in his grave!!

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    • Not to be argumentative, but...

      Dale Sr. was injured in a crash in 1999 that left a bone fragment floating in his neck that caused pressure on his nervous system, perhaps leading to his not getting that elusive 8th Championship. Rather than seeking professional help, he decided to "tough" it out. I highly doubt any father, unless he's just a selfish minded dolt, would want his son and namesake running 200+ mph into a 90 degree turn with the symptoms of a concussion...

      Jus' sayin'...

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      • Yea I feel, ya.. But Sr. was Sr. "old school" Now saying that I'm NOT saying he was right. It's a fact his chances would have been GREATLY increased had he worn the HANS device (which is why it's not a option any more) which at the time was only a option.
        But really.. JR is being a #$%$ for doing this... Plain and simple, tell me you don't to believe Sr. would have issues with Jr. decision?


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