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  • Cliff Cliff Oct 14, 2012 3:59 PM Flag

    one more lap

    I still say he got 875 miles to the gallon at Richmond, i.e. an impossible amount of laps on that run o_O

    And I'm not saying that just because the guy I'm in the Yahoo points battle with had him that race, and if he had run out he would have dropped to around 20th and I'd have kept my point lead at the time. No, not at all.

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    • I'm sure NASCAR has rules that apply to fuel pickups, fuel cells for certain, and especially in the grey areas of tubing... There are many ways to manipulate fuel volume. (Dry ice looks a lot like fire retardant material in a fuel cell wrap under x-ray and ultrasound...not that I'd know or anything... LMAO!)

      "Back in the day"... De Soto Motors had a brilliant mind on their crew, Lightnin' Hines was his handle. Ol' Lightnin' came up with a splitter that ran tubing in both directions so the fuel pickup was always submerged whether running at speed in the turns, or under caution on the straights... The extra tubing cut down on volume, but with dry ice in the fuel cell flame retardant packaging, it was never an issue. And that canary yeller #13 never hiccuped when the rag flew again!

      Ya don't suppose... Naw! Brian Pattie would never...


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      • Thanks for getting back to me Da Goat on my question :) and No I'm not overlooking Bowyer/MWR at all. In fact, I have really been pulling for MWR in the chase…very happy to see that team doing so well.

        I guess I should have been more specific in my question but you know how difficult it can be to communicate exactly what you are asking for at times out here…LOL. You didn't get too technical on me and I understand your explanation of fuel/EFI and how that pertains to strategy for all teams. I think we can both agree that all teams play from the same "handbook" and winning in a fuel mileage race comes more down to preparation and excellent strategy versus plan luck…and…this is where the playing field for wins should be dictated by each team's expertise. However, there really is a question out "there" regarding what Dodge did surrounding fuel mileage/EFI that is beating all the other teams. During the races, commentators are constantly referring to it and it is being noted by many writers in articles that "Dodge" is superior in fuel in NASCAR. My question is…What exactly did Dodge "fix" regarding contamination issues found in their EFI systems to ultimately make Dodge superior in fuel mileage over the remaining field???? Maybe the question can't be answered....

        As you know, many were opposed to EFI for 2012. Many speculated, this is where much of my question stems from, that EFI would lead to "cheating"....but…. NASCAR assured us that that EFI could be monitored/spot-checked at any point from the ECU to prevent this. Early in 2012, both Brad and AJ suffered many poor finishes associated with EFI problems (like fuel pumps). Obliviously, this was unacceptable to Penske and the issue was turned over to the engineers at Dodge to rectify immediately. Dodge engineers came back and stated that they "found" microscopic particles that would not contaminate the fuel/mileage in a carburetor but did have a significant impact on a fuel injection system. All of a sudden, the problem was fixed and the rest is history with the outstanding results both Brad & Sam have been having. Sooooooooo, back to my original question…What exactly is it that Dodge found and fixed to make Dodge now considered superior in fuel mileage in NASCAR? More importantly…LOL…are they going to let the competition in on their SECRET or will Dodge lock it away in the "vault" & let it remain a mystery forever when they exit NASCAR after 2012.....

        Either way....talk about a dramatic & impressive exit for Dodge!!! Hope Dodge doesn't wait another 24 years to return to NASCAR like they did last time :)

      • I can't disagree agree with you on what a great driver Brad is and what an excellent CC Wolfe is too. However, there are equally as many talented CC's out there & drivers that give Brad a good run for his money too if not more.

        Without a doubt, Dodge (engineers & scientists) did find something regarding fuel/EFI & contamination that has given that team more of a competitive edge…combine it with Penske and all their talent….and you get banner results. I'm convinced that is why the all the commentators like to just say (tongue & check maybe)…"You know that Dodge gets great fuel"….you don't hear them giving all the praise to the driver/CC…you just hear them keep repeating "Dodge"....whatever that "finding" was by Dodge….Ralph Gilles is keeping it a secret…..

      • Not trying to oversimplify a question…but…can someone give me the reason why Dodge seems to be having such excellent fuel mileage ability over all the other cars? It really has stood out this year & has received much recognition. Winning so many races/having great finishes contributed to great fuel mileage is priceless advertisement….Darn shame that Dodge is leaving NASCAR.

      • Which is exactly why Kyle and Hamlin have been so dominate, yet fell short on fuel while the MWR Yota's were able to stretch it out.

        Well said Goat,


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