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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Oct 14, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    one more lap

    Should "if", "and" or "buts" ever become candy and nuts... We would all have a Merry Christmas... LOL!

    That makes three times Clint has walked to Victory Lane this year. A new "fuel mileage" king in the making...?

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    • I still say he got 875 miles to the gallon at Richmond, i.e. an impossible amount of laps on that run o_O

      And I'm not saying that just because the guy I'm in the Yahoo points battle with had him that race, and if he had run out he would have dropped to around 20th and I'd have kept my point lead at the time. No, not at all.

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      • I'm sure NASCAR has rules that apply to fuel pickups, fuel cells for certain, and especially in the grey areas of tubing... There are many ways to manipulate fuel volume. (Dry ice looks a lot like fire retardant material in a fuel cell wrap under x-ray and ultrasound...not that I'd know or anything... LMAO!)

        "Back in the day"... De Soto Motors had a brilliant mind on their crew, Lightnin' Hines was his handle. Ol' Lightnin' came up with a splitter that ran tubing in both directions so the fuel pickup was always submerged whether running at speed in the turns, or under caution on the straights... The extra tubing cut down on volume, but with dry ice in the fuel cell flame retardant packaging, it was never an issue. And that canary yeller #13 never hiccuped when the rag flew again!

        Ya don't suppose... Naw! Brian Pattie would never...



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