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    Nascar's scoring

    So how is it that Tony finished ahead of Micheal? Tony cut down on Micheal, slid sideways as Mikey passed him and then Tony went tumbling. You can not be pushed on the last lap (if that is possible in dega with 4 wide.) So how is it at the time of caution Mikey was way out in front of Tony and is scored 3 cars back from him? Just one of the obvious error in the scoring.

    it will be interesting to see what the official scoring is tomorrow/today.


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    • Well... You see... NASCAR freezes the field at the moment of caution, except on the white flag lap, unless they deem scoring loops determine finishing order... So they review tape until they get the finishing order that fits their best case scenario.

      It should be who crosses the finish line first, then where the others lay closest to the flagstand. But what fun is that...?


    • This race finished like one of those rubber duck charity races where they dump a bunch of ducks into a river and the duck that floats across the finish first wins,no skill involved,just luck.....LOL


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