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  • Scoobs Scoobs Oct 10, 2012 12:55 AM Flag

    Scores for the week

    Managed to scrape out a 289 and attribute most of that to laps led by some of my drivers and for having 2 of 4 manage to make there way thru the "Block" but sure would've liked to seen how that'd finished under Green!! Still can't believe they (NASCAR) still thinks the plate is good racing yet there always tinkering with it cuz its broken...I do not think wide open would work but there has to be a better way to slow the cars down yet not run em in a bullring.

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    • The racing is just fine, it is the blocking that ruins it. If NASCAR would impose an one lap penalty for blocking, it would become a non-factor with a quickness! I'm not saying they would have made it out of turn four, four wide... But the pileup would have been mid-pack rather than second through twenty fifth.


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