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  • AJ Turtle AJ Turtle Oct 4, 2012 8:06 PM Flag

    My Dega Picks Strategy

    I figure that #$%$ will fall off your butt and tumble down hill. So with that in mind I look to see who is wanting to ride the high side of the track. Most often unless there is someone backing up into the traffic after a crash? Most everyone gets through the the high side. Even Robert Duvall know's that one! Best strategy to pick is the conservative minded driver. It's difficult to say who that would be this year though, since the Roush Racing and RCR drivers are a little on the short side so to speak. That being said, chaos will have know boundry with nothing on the line except bragging rights. I bet we see a few more conservative minded drivers wanting to go high on the track but quickly find out that ain't the place to be at all. Patience is going to be in short supply even for a restrictor race. I'd say a guy like Harvick, who if he finds the speed, will be a definite contender.


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