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  • Da Goat Da Goat Oct 1, 2012 10:51 PM Flag

    Matty or No Matty?

    I'm no expert, my points total will vouch for that! However...

    Let me ask you this, Cliff... How many times have you seen a shock fall off, not just break or come unmounted, BUT FALL COMPLETELY OFF!!! a Cup car that was not flipping and flopping itself to death...? How often do track bar mounts break on Cup cars that are from top tier teams...?

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    • Any one that actually thought Jack would let Matt leave a champion is nuts.Remember he fired Kurt before the season was even over when he announced he was going to Penske.Sure there were some bogus charges from the cops floating around but Jack is a vindictive type of guy.

    • WOW - agreed the 17's mechanical issues have been unusual, to say the least, but all the black helicopter theorists on here :-O

      I just can't see RFR as a business organization that has to answer to its sponsors intentionally sabotaging its own performance and putting the driver at risk - guess we'll see after this weekend

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      • I don't think It's sabotage, it probably has more to do with testing composite materials. Jacky Jack is not that insane... Close, but not quite. RFR had this season in the bag until Matt made his decision. What happened? The Chase starts and all of the sudden they forgot how to build racecars...? Try to sell crazy down the street Jackyboy... We are not buying it here...