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  • kleenex kleenex Oct 1, 2012 8:59 AM Flag

    Jay Busbee Scoring messed up???

    How many weeks this season has his proper weekly score been wrong?????

    Can Yahoo or the people this game fix it....

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    • As I don't check nor follow the "Expert Picks", I wouldn't know how many weeks.

      However, in taking a look at his scores this week, I would say that he is out of Kyle Busch, Bowyer and Almirola starts. Thus he only received 71 points this week for his Jr. start and Hornish Q point.

      In going back a couple of weeks, he has had the exact same picks for weeks 27, 28 and 29.
      The previous week, week 28, he got 160. I would assume those points were from his last Bowyer start combined with Jr. and Gordon's Q points.

      In week 27, he received 243: Points from his last KyBu start, points for Jr and Bowyer. At that point, I would say he was already out of Almirola starts.

      In week 26, he had yet the same picks, but received full points.

      So, in looking this over, the fault lays not with Yahoo, but with Jay Busbee himself in not changing / managing his picks.


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