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  • Scoobs Scoobs Sep 24, 2012 8:31 PM Flag

    Sad Day today

    I must admit I am sad to see Kurt (douchebag) Busch going to FR but I'm gonna assume the Air must be effecting them like the Broncos and Older is Better...Wrong on these 2 anyway.....Good luck to you Regan!!

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    • I'll second the good luck to Regan. I hope he finds a ride for next year. As a fan of his and with the way this year has started to go since the CC change, I was truly hoping that they, both he and FR, could manage to put together a decent year next year.

    • Pop-Pop wanted Kurt in a RCR car, Scoobs... Without sponsorship dollars, this was the only way it was going to happen. I feel sorry for Regan, he's done an excellent job at RFM. It's tough at the top bro.

      I wonder if there might be an opening in the BK93 soon...?

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      • Let's see how much they want him in an RCR car when he keeps wrecking an racking up the DNF's..Call me an old man at 42 whose followed this sport long enough to remember this punk #$%$ kid who took out Jimmy Spencer and was stupid enough to tell everyone on the radio he was going to...He's still a cocky punk and yeah I get he's one of a few who get to drive these cars for a living and he has talent but Kurt Busch is an #$%$ and he continues to prove it year after year...Case in point...he does an interview with his Finch Firesuit on and tells everyone he's just gonna be humble and go out an have fun and race like the good ole days..puts his Monster Energy Kyle Busch Motorsports suit on an predicts they will win every race in 2012..Going into the last race I believe they've won 0 this season.You reap what you sow and may the #$%$ continue to flow his direction!!


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